about HCG

A food justice/sovereignty project which seeks to bring ​neighbors and local community members together in a ​collaborative setting, engage in mutual aid, and ​collectively meet our need for fresh, healthy food to be ​freely available and shared.

We invite community members to participate in growing, ​distributing, and enjoying the fruits (and veggies!) of ​our collective growth of the garden. This includes ​tending the garden, harvesting what is produced, and ​sharing what is produced with the surrounding community, ​giving priority to those with the highest need.

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seed starting tips


  • Ensure your planter has proper drainage; refer to the seed package for watering instructions as moisture needs vary.
  • Use a seed starting soil mix for optimal results, as regular potting mix may lead to drainage, pest, density, and nutrient ​issues.
  • Press seeds into soil surface, approximately 1 1/2 times their size deep, as directed on the seed packet.


  • Maintain even soil moisture for germination, checking daily to prevent surface dryness.
  • Cover planted seeds with plastic wrap until germination, and mist soil to avoid disturing seeds.
  • Transition to gentle watering as seedlings emerge to prevent root disturbance; water every 2-3 days, adjusting as needed ​based on plant type and environment.


  • Position seedlings near a north facing window for 12-14 hours of daily light, consulting the seed packet for spcific sunlight ​requirements.

Harden Off

  • Acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions gradually by increasing sun and wind exposure daily, starting in a shady, wind-​protected spot for 1 hour and extending expsure gradually. If seedlings wilt during acclimation, move them to a shadier spot ​or indoors.


Hammond Community Garden

Northcote Ave. & Golfway Ct.

Hammond, IN